Garaget International - A Podcast with Magnus Sundemo

In this week's episode of The garage you will meet the legendary designer Peter Horbury. Peter was responsible for the modernization of Volvo's design starting in the early 90s and was then our head designer until 2002 when he moved to Ford in North America. After a brief comeback as Volvo's design director in 2009, Peter is now responsible for the design of Geely’s cars. The success has not been waiting to come, and in 2016 a domestic car in China was for the first time in history elected to be “The Car of the Year in China" and it was Peter Horbury Geely creation GC9 who won this prestigious price. We talk about everything from corporate cultures to leadership and how it is to create a completely new design profile for a new car with extremely short history. We also talk about how we can separate the design language for the two brands Geely and Volvo, as we now share the common CMA platform. Welcome to the conversation!

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