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Ödgärd Andersson – a SW-guru that sings better then lady Gaga…

Ödgärd Andersson is new in the Volvo Family. She was appointed VP for vehicle software and electronics last October and came from a successful career in different senior positions at Ericsson.

It’s interesting to listen to Ödgärd and her fresh view on the Volvo organisation, our people and our culture. It’s also interesting to understand what experience and skills she can bring to Volvo when it comes to SW-development. She has been thru a transformation at Ericsson when it comes to SW development and we are in the beginning of a similar transformation at Volvo. SW becomes a more and more essential part of our cars and it has to work smooth for our customers. And she is a very talented cover band singer…!

Please join us in this interesting dialog.

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