Garaget International - A Podcast with Magnus Sundemo

The Agile transformation

Volvo Cars is just in the middle of a dramatic change in how we work together. We call it the Agile transformation and is about a fundamental change in how we interact with one another. The Agile methodology is valid when we develop anything from a new software to an entire new car. In this episode you will meet Anna Sandberg and Magnus Lindh, that are deeply involved in supporting this change. They both believe that Agile work methods drastically can increase the efficiency in the daily work and help everyone to do a better job. It build on trust and the believe that everyone wants to contribute and do their part of the task without need of a lot of control. That will make the job both more inspiring and more fun and the result will be better. But of course we need training so get ready and get on board! Welcome to this inspiring and challenge episode!

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