Garaget International - A Podcast with Magnus Sundemo

Björn Annwall – wants to be more visible

Björn is manager for Global Consumer Experience and member of Volvo Cars Executive management team and he elaborate together with me on all exciting challenges in the industry and in Volvo Cars. We also talk about the fact that some people think that he is quite invisible as manager and how he want to address this and is view on when we need external management consultants and that he thinks that we “overuse” agency’s to make beautiful PowerPoints.

He also share his view on how to make a career in his organisation and if money is an important motivator for him. Welcome to the conversation.

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Mats Moberg – new manager at Complete Vehicle Engineering

Mats is a Volvo Cars veteran who worked nearly 30 years at the firm. He generously shares his experiences through the years and especially the last six years under our new owner. We also discuss his leadership style and how he looks on integrity and his advice to those who want to make a career at Volvo Cars. Finally, we talk about the future and the major challenges we and the entire automotive industry is facing and all opportunities and challenges all new technology enable. Welcome to the conversation.

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