Garaget International - A Podcast with Magnus Sundemo

Magnus Hellsten – the incarnation of the Volvo spirit?

Magnus has a long career in Volvo Cars and joined the company 1980 and started as a worker on the assembly plant and have made an tremendous career all the way to the top.

Today he has an special assignment to support Volvos new Manufacturing manager Javier Varela and to support our work to become “the employer of choice” Quite interesting! We talk about our new activity based offices and what we can do to minimize the “cons” and maximize the “pros” and truly make them "designed around you".

He also shares very generous of his experience and his passion for our company and our culture.

Please join us!

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Håkan is the CEO of Volvo cars since 4 and a half year. We talk about his idea of Volvo Cars the coming years, and the importance of a human centric approach for a successful leadership. He call it “Management by purpose”. We also discuss if Volvo is prepared for a “post Håkan” era and if we have the right person already on board. We discuss his “bucket list” or “To do list” as he like to call it. Please join us!

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