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Philip Nordahl – An unique Volvo career

Philip Nordahl was only 22 years old when he decided to pack the bag and go to China to sign up for Greely’s team who was set to acquire Volvo Cars. The year was 2009 and Ford had just went official that Volvo Cars was for sale. His exciting journey started in a Geely plant as a spot welder to test him and find out if he was a spy or not. Today he is making a successful career at Volvo Cars and his message is clear: - If you get a chance – jump on it! Welcome to the conversation.

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Smart cities – a treat or an opportunity

In this episode we discuss ”smart cities” with Karolina Bjurhed and Martin Ivarson. Smart cities that is liveable, workable and can provide good quality of life for their citizens. In a smart crowded city a traditional car is questioned. But was does that mean for us as a car company today and in the future? How can we be part of this development and use it as an tool to grow and build new business opportunities? Karolina and Martin is working on a strategy on this subject and they invite you all to participate in the discussion.

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Dennis Nobelius – an autonomus CEO

Many of you know Dennis from his long and successful career at Volvo Cars in a lot of different positions. His career peaked at Volvo Cars as program manager for the XC90 that was launched some years ago and was a mega success. But since nearly a year ago he has been leading the process to develop a brand new company; “Zenuity”. I visited him at his and Zenuity’s brand new office in Lindholmen and got the chance to talk about this new company, a joint venture between Volvo Cars and Autoliv. It was thrilling and exiting and the ambition is to be one of the leaders in the world when it comes to software engineering for autonomus vehicles. A field that will revolutionize the entire automotive landscape in the coming decade. But we talked also about leadership, a flat organisation and what motivates the people in this very exciting and rapidly growing company. Welcome to the conversation.

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