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Bodil Eriksson and Volvo mobility service

Bodil is the CEO for the newly started initiative called Volvo mobility services. This initiative address the fact that more and more people ask for flexible mobility to meet their communication needs without having to buy or lease their own car. Volvo has been sort of a pioneer in this area with Sunfleet that has been operating for 20 years and their operation is a starting point for this service but the ambition is to lift it to an entire new level and to implement it globally. Bodil’s team is situated in the very heart of Stockholm in an office called Epicenter, where a lot of start-ups and dynamic company share office and space in order to cross fertilize between the different companies. This new services have fierce competition both from companies as Uber and Google but also from OEM’s like BMW and VW. But they believe that they have an unique business idea and work intense to be able to launch their first offers to the public in 2019. We wish them good luck!

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