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Emelie Emanuelsson a true womengineer

Emelie is one of two founders of the organization Womengineer. Their goal is that 2030 50% of all graduated engineers in Sweden should be women. They believe in that the reason why women is still a minority at the technical university’s in Sweden is because lack of information to possible girl candidates. Emelie is an employee at Volvo Cars since 2015 and holds a position as product owner for clean air quality and enjoy her work and find it extremely fun, exciting and developing.

The work with womengineer is all voluntary and includes organisation an yearly event called IGE(Introduce a Girl to Engineering)-day that let nearly 2000 girl from 12-19 year to visit a workplace and understand what it could be working as an engineer. Volvo Cars was one of the sponsors earlier this spring and opened up for several girls to visit our offices and plants. Get inspired and listen to Emelie – a true role model for coming generation of womengineer!


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Meet Shahbaz Kahn - traffic general in Goteborg

Shahbaz is newly appointed chairman of the Traffic board of Goteborg. We have an intense discussion in Goteborg about the new train tunnel “the west link” and that discussion is something that we handle. But most important is how the world leading mobility cluster in Goteborg that has rapidly developed the last 10 years can collaborate with the city and the academy to strengthen all parties. The city is already a test arena for new technologies with the “Driveme-project” and others but we have all opportunities to develop it to a entirely new level.

When it comes to banning diesel cars in the city Shahbaz is clear that he is against this kind of prohibition. This will only close the city for people with less resources and is not a tool he want to use. He wants to work with positive motivation so people voluntary pick traffic solutions that is both efficient and good for the environment. And he is very interesting in visiting Volvo Cars to explore possible opportunities to collaborate in finding both short- and long-term solutions on traffic challenges. Welcome to the conversation.

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