Garaget International - A Podcast with Magnus Sundemo

In this episode you will meet Carl-Peter Forster. He has an impressing experience and CV from more than 30 years in the car business. He has worked for BMW, has been the president for GM-Europe, CEO for the Tata-group including Jaguar and Land Rover and much more. He has also been a member of Volvo Cars Board more since early 2013 and is now leaving that position. He share his thoughts about what made the turn around of Volvo Cars possible and how to meet future challenges. He praise the Volvo engineers and there importance for the success. We discuss the impact and influence from Geely as owner and what that has meant for Volvo Cars and what opportunities it will give Volvo for the future. Welcome to Garaget International!

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In this episode you will meet the director for MobilityXlab Katarina Brud. MobilityXlab is situated in the heart of the mobility cluster in Lindholmen Gothenburg and is a place where tech startups can accelerate their development by accessing competence from leading mobility experts. MobilityXlab was launched during the fall 2017 and the partners is CEVT, Ericsson, Veoneer, Volvo Cars, Volvo Group & Zenuity. The initiative is hosted by Lindholmen Science Park. Welcome to Garaget International!

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