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Meet Martina Buchhauser Volvo Cars new head of Procurement

Martina is new Senior Vice President for Procurement at Volvo Cars since October 2017. She has a background from GM both in the US and in Germany and the last years from BMW. She has made a flying start with a rapid reorganization, focusing in early involvement from procurement from the start in the development process in order to get the best supplier on board as early as possible. She wants to establish a true global procurement organization, getting both quality and material cost right and trying to find a solid process for capacity. We had an intense conversation and she encourage everybody that has anything important to share to contact her. Her door is open and she is open to listen.

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Joint Venture with Geely - an opportunity to coolaborate

2017 a new company was founded called Geely Volvo Automobile Technology. The scope for this Joint Venture company between Volvo Cars and Geely Auto is to share technology in order to save resources and use our common competence in the Geely group as optimal as possible.

We have already reaped the fruit of successful corporation when Volvos first car the XC40 on the common CMA-platform just won the prestigious award “Car of the year 2018”. The JV-company has two offices. One in Göteborg and one in China. Hans Lindh with a long carrier for more than 30 years is the CEO of the Goteborg based office. We meet and talked about the setup of the company and all opportunities but also on risks for this new corporation. Please join us in the dialog.

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Circular economy - increase profit and save the planet

In this episode you will meet Mats Williander. He is a researcher at RISE- Victoria Institute at Lindholmen, Goteborg with focus on sustainability and new business models that could help business both increase profit and at the same time save the planet. He has studied “Circular economy” that is a tool to both develop the business and revenues and in the same time develop long term sustainability in order to save resources and build a eco systems that will work for coming generations. We discuss especially how this model could be adopted to the automotive industry and future mobility. Welcome to an challenging and inspiring discussion and conversation.

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